Terms and conditions:

• New licences are PIA (licence key shipped on receipt of payment).

• New support periods are PIA (support begins on receipt of payment).

• Support renewal invoices are Net 60. Please note that long gaps in your support history may require repurchasing licences if we make a major release in the interim. All upgrades are free to customers that keep their maintenance up to date.

• Support costs are based on 20% of the current list price of the licences per annum.

• We can provide invoices with your Purchase Order Number.

• Standard UK VAT is charged to all UK customers.

• Payment can be made using Worldpay via the online payment link displayed on your invoice.

• Payment can be made by bank transfer using our bank details show on your invoice.

• Payment can be made by cheque to the address shown on your invoice.

• License keys are shipped by email.

• Software is shipped by downloading installation media from our website.

Please also note that with established customers we are happy to extend our good faith in most circumstances and will ensure that continuous support is provided. The last thing we want is users to be inconvenienced or your projects put at risk by long payment processes.