Customer Quotes

Unsolicited praise for DB Ghost

Below you can see for yourself just how impressed our users have been with DB Ghost and the service that they've received from Innovartis. These are all completely unsolicited quotes that we've received since March 2004.

07 Jan 2017
"Hi Jon. Everything seems to have run through for the maintenance renewal. The other day I download and installed DBG but haven't put it through it's paces yet other than to make sure it was activated etc. I then read as much as I could find on the version history update for the past several version and you know I was already a HUGE fan, but wow (!), you have added (outperformed my expectations !) on the issue I was begging for which was to update only certain columns. If I remember right the last constraint was by table only. What a great use case DBG has now because like I read in your docs, now you can split databases or export certain columns to setup new databases - it's just like SQL Servers model database. For any project I can setup a 'model' database, and using DBG extract all the lookup tables etc. and load them in the model, then during development (or certainly unit testing) I could just new up a new database based on the model it would have a known state with zero work from me. Innovartis - Jon - outstanding work - and thank you (!) George Thank you."
G. McBath
25 Mar 2015
"I appreciate working with all of you at Innovartis. You have saved me and my team an enormous amount of time over the last 10 years."
Miller G.
21 Feb 2014
"Your product saves me so much time, and works so well, I hope you occasionally feel a little inner glow of satisfaction and well-being induced by positive thoughts from the other side of the world."
Dr. P. Davis
16 Sep 2012
"You guys have a great product. Over the last 3 or 4 years all I have done is made a few little tweaks to our project which synchronized databases all over the world. Nothing more. It just works great."
21 Jul 2011
"We evaluated DB Ghost internally. We use it to package up the sql schema which is stored in version control and maintained by the programmers. For our current workflow this is sufficient and perfect for our needs. In fact our build server is powered by FinalBuilder7 and the Packager Plus command line integrated really nicely into it. The Packager Plus product is quite simply amazing and solving a lot of our “upgrade script hell” issues and feedback from our technical consultants who helped us trial it (running the installer) over the last month has been universally positive. ? Our software is currently being moved from Ansi to Unicode and to upgrade the database schema from VARCHAR to NVARCHAR we had a manual process in place which took about a day to complete on the client’s site and always ended up with some issues at the end such as missing constraints. With DB Ghost Packager Plus the client runs the installer and 5 minutes later everything is working! "
Johann du Toit
27 Apr 2010
"Thanks – that helps out a bunch. You guys have the best Support I have ever seen in my 23 years in IT - Regards"
Juan C. Vega
19 Nov 2009
"Thanks a million for the outstanding support you have offered since the start of our evaluation. It really made a HUGE difference."
Riedwaan Alexander
18 Jun 2009
"Change Manager was the only product we tested that successfully produced a single script to create the DB + Metadata + Data that actually passed Management Studio’s ‘Parse’, followed by a flawless ‘Execute’, very impressive."
Anton Schnider
03 Mar 2009
"The performance is phenomenal! If DB Ghost can deal with a database of our size and complexity it can deal with *any* database!"
Mike O'Brien
10 Feb 2009
"The delta generation has been rock solid. I was really worried about that when we first put it in. We run the generated script against client databases in the field to bring them up to the current schema and a lot has changed between releases (it’s a phased roll out with major components added). Never a hiccup in that SQL."
Andy Barnhart
09 Feb 2009
"Top stuff and I must say DB Ghost is now a mission critical part of our development lifecycle. Couldn't live without it! Keep up the good work"
Justin Stafford
20 Jan 2009
"We remain thrilled with DB Ghost and with the excellent service. Bravo!"
Chris Hefley
31 Dec 2008
"I am so overwhelmingly pleased with DB Ghost…Man alive, what an awesome tool! What a way to end the year!!"
Juan C. Vega
18 Dec 2008
"I can't imagine anyone not automating the DB Ghost build's the very best change management product I've ever seen for SQL Server. DB Ghost provides such a unique and valuable solution to the DB configuration management process that I convince every development team I know to use it. "
Jeremy Lubich
30 Nov 2008
"Thanks for the quick response! You guys have the best support of any software vendor I have worked with."
Paul Reid
29 Nov 2008
"It's such a great product and has saved me loads of time – I recommend it to my clients whenever I can"
David Owens
21 Nov 2008
"I love seeing the features I request being added to the product"
Bob Archer
10 Mar 2008
"This is a truly great product. I've been working on a new release for a couple of months now and I deployed it this weekend after synchronizing the production database to the final version of the test database and it was the smoothest rollout to date...As far as I'm concerned DB Ghost has already paid for itself...twice. Thanks for a great product."
Paul Jemiolo
15 Jan 2008
"DBGhost has helped us a lot in our migration to 2005. We picked up and easily resolved many syntax errors (OK in 2000, fails in 2005) and several issues with check constraints. I now have the confidence that on releasing the deltas we will properly upgrade our databases into 2005 and they will work first time. This is not a small task - we have 12 databases to migrate, three of which are quite challenging with thousands of objects and are around 12Gb in size."
Igor Samoylenko
26 Oct 2007
"I have found DB Ghost to be an excellent tool, with well designed dialogs which make the tool easy to use. It has helped us ensure that our Visual Sourcesafe repositories are correctly aligned with our actual database release versions. Innovartis are a great company to deal with, thanks guys!"
Roddy Maddocks
23 Sep 2007
"Thanks for all your awesome support"
Joseph Arechiga
15 Jun 2007
"DB Ghost has worked near flawlessly since we bought it [2 years ago]. This is the most stable Windows App I have ever worked with, a statement to your architecture, development and SQL Server’s solid API."
Ray Gagne
08 Jun 2007
"I really think that you guys have a superior product for the application developers like myself. While I do a lot of DBA-type work, I am primarily an app developer that does a whole lot of database work. After we ship our product, my main concern is backups and upgrades. You guys do a great job in supporting the upgrade process and you have great customer service!"
Jim Eiler
18 May 2007
"DBGhost is a smart tool that saves us time and money each time we use it."
Shannon Pitts
20 Mar 2007
"Thank you! All my troubles are gone now. Your support has been unbelievable and exceptional. Thank you so much for working your Saturday to help me. "
Danielle Costa
17 Mar 2007
"We've been using DBGhost for more than 3 years. It can create complex scripts where others failed, and it runs flawlessly when we perform unattended updates of our users' databases at their locations. It's fast and dependable, so it saves us valuable time and money. Best of all, the Innovartis people are responsive when we have suggestions or support questions. DBGhost is a key tool in our development efforts."
Patrick Dempsey
11 Mar 2007
"It came to mind that not having DBGhost on a developer machine is like the prospect of the development machine not having a compiler for C#/VB installed."
Christian Crowhurst
19 Feb 2007
"Thanks again and please pass my compliments on to your team. From top to bottom its a AAA operation. The product really is head and shoulders above everyone else. "
Kurt Stangl
10 Feb 2007
"Every week I am amazed at how much time/effort and failed deployments DB Ghost and Packager Plus saves us, not to mention the complex situations that it handles without fail. Keep up the awesome work."
David Buckingham
30 Dec 2006
"DB Ghost is the product that our group has dreamed about for the past few years"
Chuck Swanberg
05 Dec 2006
"I finally had a chance to look at DBGhost. WOW! Unreal! This is the coolest product I have seen in a long time."
Bryan Becker
14 Sep 2006
"Without DBGhost we would be much less productive. I would even go as far to say that our application could not have been done within a reasonable time (and budget) if we did not have DBGhost to assist us with the constant changes to our database structure. Thanks again for your (always) quick and helpful support."
Mike Reynolds
26 May 2006
"I've never seen a more useful product than yours..."
Robert De Bartolo
15 May 2006
"Packager Plus will definitely make our customer deployment job easier and give it a professional look. I enjoy working with your products and always recommend them to my DBA colleagues. Innovartis products will always be a part of my database tool kit no matter where I go..."
Luis Dominguez
13 Mar 2006
"DB Ghost has just made my manager and QA team very compliments for a great product and support."
Erik Burger
20 Dec 2005
"This is a 'wonderful' product. My boss has been using it for about a week, now, and I have just begun to explore its capabilities. It really is a wonderful product - fills the gap between MS SQL Server 2005 and MS Visual SourceSafe. I'm sure we will be longtime customers of yours. "
Matthew Seltzer
18 Aug 2005
"I am a consultant and I was at a client where we were running 3 major projects side-by-side. As you can imagine, the number of dev, staging and integration environments sprang up like mushrooms. Also, we were experiencing random overwrites of the database at the first of each month that nobody could explain. And it would take days to figure out everything that changed. We were quickly being overwhelmed with database nightmares. Then I stumbled upon DB Ghost. Boy, am I glad I did! Within a couple days of downloading the demo, we got a good handle on what was going on everywhere without an issue! I have them convinced. If they don't purchase, another consultant is talking about picking up the tab himself. That's how much we love DB Ghost. "
Paul Reid
23 Jul 2005
"We have been using the new DBGhost now for a few weeks and we really love it. It allows us to quickly and automatically script changes to our production SQL Server Databases and allows us to easily distribute these changes to our customers. This is a job that our programmers had to do manually in the past, and they are now freed to do more productive tasks. We recommend your tool to all of our customers. Thanks so much for producing such a great product!"
Emanuel D. Errico III
21 Jun 2005
"I’ve been using DB Ghost every day for almost 2 years; in that time I have seen that you are very committed to your product, customers and ethos and I really believe DB Ghost would benefit any company using SQL Server.

Adverts and brochures contain a lot of flowery language around database upgrade, comparison and version management; here is some simple language regarding DB Ghost: “It Works”"
Jon Woolgar
27 Apr 2005
"People have been coping without DB Ghost for so long they don't realise they have a problem and that there is a better way that actually saves time and improves quality - I'm planning to introduce DB Ghost wherever I work, because I could not bear to go back to the old fashioned delta scripts again. "
Martin Lange
19 Apr 2005
"Buying DB Ghost feels that we've got a personal consultant on tap for some of the more challenging db change control issues - the ROI more than pays for DB Ghost."
Christian Crowhurst
19 Apr 2005
"Using DB Ghost makes so much sense - once you've used it there's no going back."
Padraig Regan
09 Mar 2005
"A team of three DBAs, located in 3 different countries, are involved in applying regular changes to our database models using a central development environment. At regular intervals these changes have to be applied to multiple production databases spread around Europe. Only the combination of a proper version control system and an excellent product like DB Ghost allows us to guarantee that all schema changes are properly applied to all production databases with a minimum amount of effort. Intensive usage over the last half year has proved us that DB Ghost is an excellent and reliable product. Keep up the good work!"
Michiel Rens
02 Mar 2005
"DB Ghost has been used to extraordinary effect...its use has made architects and developers adhere to certain rules regarding DDL and DML based much so that we now automate the update of our software UML models knowing that the database schema objects are completely predictable thanks to the DB Ghost driven database build.

Using DB Ghost has given us an easy, failsafe way of upgrading our databases. "
Andy Gisby
07 Feb 2005
"We looked long and hard for a tool which would enable our developers to continuously monitor database changes in development and easily integrate those changes into the product upgrade process. We found such a tool in DB Ghost. As an additional bonus, responsiveness and customer support are second to none. Well done!"
George Doubinski
12 Jan 2005
"I consider myself a (demanding) power user and this tool has really grown on me…maybe it’s because it’s the missing piece of the puzzle to finally take control over SQL Server database objects using SCC. I have tried a lot of database compare and synchronize programs and none of them comes close to creating a single upgrade script as conveniently as DB Ghost. My compliments on the service."
Janko Lupša
10 Jan 2005
"Thank you very much for your very very good and extremely fast support. Many companies can learn a lesson from you."
Olaf Grumptmann
01 Dec 2004
"I love the product!"
Terry Bolinger
10 Nov 2004
"I really am grateful for all your help, and for the wonderful software you have written. I could have hacked together some routines to perform the basics of what DB Ghost does, but it would have taken me months and months of time that I don't have. This product is filling a spot in the SQL Server market which has been neglected by all other software companies. Great job. Thank you."
John Hines
03 Nov 2004
"I have been singing DB Ghost's praises."
Alistair Board
19 Oct 2004
"Great Product!"
Miguel Sanchez
15 Oct 2004
"I wish more of the tool vendors I dealt with were as responsive as you guys...once again, love the product...a happy customer."
Bob Archer
15 Sep 2004
"Great Product! Saved us hours of manually saving snapshots of our database, and pushing data changes out to our customers. With a large custom database, keeping our install base up to date was a time consuming drain on our company. But with this product, we have been able to be more accurate and faster to respond to our customer's needs."
Daniel Goepp
06 Sep 2004
"Thank you for your tremendous support during this evaluation... sometimes, you choose a vendor that has an average tool because they have above average employees. Fortunately, in this case, I think we got a great deal on a very strong tool and a very supportive vendor, thanks!"
Don McGee
23 Aug 2004
"The ability to compare two databases, and update the target database, using DB Ghost is fantastic. It saved us a heap of work last week when doing some testing."
Peter Speden
30 Jul 2004
"DB Ghost is an outstanding product, and I use it daily."
Alan Munson
09 Jul 2004
" first impression of DB Ghost was WOW!"
Chris Demeyer
07 Jul 2004
"...keep up the great company attitude, it will stand you in good stead in a market where your type and quality of service is a rarity."
Geoff Flood
24 Jun 2004
"I manually updated 95 production databases using DB Ghost. Without question, the process was faster and more accurate than anything else we had ever done. I appreciate all of your help. It's great to work with a vendor who is both accessible and responsive."
Greg Miller
21 Jun 2004
"I really found you and your group very supportive and eager to help, keep up the good work! "
Sheetal Verghese
18 Jun 2004
"It's a pleasure doing business with you"
Chavdar Angelov
01 Jun 2004
"I'm impressed with DB Ghost, simple and intuitive to use yet powerful."
Chris Sheffield
27 May 2004
"...Nice tool..."
Jan Parviainen
07 May 2004
"Thanks for all of your time and quick responses...also, great product! It has saved us a lot of time, and we have been recommending it to almost all of our clients...the developers got a bit excited when I told them that there was a new version."
Russell Klophaus
05 Apr 2004
"...I have been completely satisfied with the product."
David Parent
12 Mar 2004
"It was a religious experience... I thoroughly recommend the use of DB Ghost, it has saved us a great deal of time and increased the quality of our software thereby increasing the confidence amongst the team and our end users."
Tim Carman
02 Mar 2004
"DB Ghost really filled a hole in our configuration management process, and we are very glad we found it."
Tom Dixon