The DB Ghost process

Can DB Ghost help you?

If the answer to any of the questions below is ‘yes’ then it can...

  • Do developers accidentally overwrite each other's code?
  • Does your code get deployed incorrectly?
  • Would you like to audit changes made to the schema?
  • Do you spend a lot of your time with the headache of looking after upgrade and change scripts for SQL Server instead of dealing with the real issues like performance tuning and data integrity?
  • Is reverting to a previous schema version impossible?
  • Are you an ISV whose software is 'out there' with an underlying DB in an unknown state and you have to create an install package for your latest release that caters for it?
  • Does deployment of the new releases of your system always take several attempts before everything works and, even then, no one is quite sure what exactly happened unless some exhaustive, time consuming investigation is done?
  • Is keeping your 'static data' synchronised a nightmare?
  • Is your new release 'go live' a tense, unpredictable time?
  • Do you have to scrutinize every upgrade script, looking for potential errors and trying to reconcile all the change scripts into one coherent view of the new functionality?
  • Is the concurrent development and deployment of SQL Server code a nightmare to get right?

DB Ghost encompasses not just a tool but an entire end-to-end process, developed by Innovartis, that frees DBAs and developers alike from the drudgery of how to make their SQL code changes propagate from the development environment all the way through to the production system.

No other product can build, compare and synchronize an existing SQL Server database to a set of source scripts. Secondly, the upgrade process is guaranteed to work every time with no need for manual editing of delta/upgrade scripts.

The DB Ghost process saves time in your software project as SQL source code changes are propagated from your version control system to different environments quickly, accurately and repeatably with less work from the developers. Deployment, syntax and regression errors in SQL source code vanish, which means you spend less time on bug fixing before delivering the end product. The end result is the faster delivery of software which is more robust.

DB Ghost - the only true database change manager for SQL Server.