Evaluate the DB Ghost toolset

1. Install DB Ghost

The DB Ghost suite of tools enable you to adopt a rock solid SQL Server change management process. The essence of the process is to manage SQL changes via your source control system and promote all changes from there.

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2. With the tools you can:

  • Script your database and place it in source control giving you a full audit trail for SQL code
  • Build a new database from your scripts thus verifying no syntax and dependency issues exist
  • Compare to a target database and report on the differences or
  • Upgrade a target database to flawlessly match the source whilst producing a dependency-perfect delta script
  • Package your latest database into a single, dynamic EXE for distribution to your customers/end users

3. Tips on how to get the most from your evaluation

The DB Ghost suite of tools give you a powerful way to manage changes to your SQL Server code.

The time and cost saving power of DB Ghost is only fully realised if you understand the "DB Ghost Process" before you start so we highly recommend that you review the Demo videos and the FAQs first. If you are just interested in comparing two databases then DB Ghost can do that easily, but it can do much more...

So, these are some quick tips to help you understand what we mean by "database change management":

  • Use the DB Ghost Data and Schema Scripter to script your entire database's schema and static data into individual scripts and then add them to your source control system.
  • Brief the development team and DBAs that the scripts in source control are now the "source database" and to think of them in the same manner that they would VB, C++ or Java code.
  • When you are ready to release use the DB Ghost Change Manager to build a brand new database from the scripts in source control to verify that nothing is broken i.e. all dependencies are valid and there are no syntax errors.
  • Then use the Change Manager to compare (a copy) of your target database with the newly built database (this step and the previous one are a single operation in the Change Manager).
  • If the upgrade is successful then you have (optionally) a delta script that you can run against the actual target database.
  • If the testing goes well and the system is ready to go live then you can simply run the single delta script against your live databases, safe in the knowledge that it will work perfectly.

The DB Ghost Process is revolutionary in its simplicity and power and is a new way of thinking about SQL development and deployment issues - a uniquely powerful one.

Lastly, as we pride ourselves on the excellence of our customer service, please feel free to contact us at enquiries@innovartis.co.uk with any queries whatsoever, as it is in our interests as well as yours that your evaluation is successful.

Have a great evaluation!