DB Ghost Automation Toolkit


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The Automation Toolkit is used for full process automation as it enables the command line and API to be used for the entire product suite. When the DB Ghost tools are incoporated into daily or continuous build processes the full power of the DB Ghost approach is realized.

For example, if the Builder was scheduled to run after every check in (of SQL code) to your source control system then the entire development team could be notified within minutes that something is broken. As whoever "broke the build" has only just checked in their changes the issue would very likely be swiftly resolved as everything is fresh in their mind. Contrast this with discovering broken code/dependencies at deploy time or, even worse, during the test cycle.

The Automation Toolkit license enables the command line and API functionality for the Change Manager™, Packager™ and Packager Plus™ applications.


  • Enables command line execution of all tools
  • Enables API to be used for fine grained control over the Change Manager engine

Using the command line

The command line options are simple for the Change Manager - you simply create a "session.xml" file using the GUI (look for session save facility in the Change Manager) and pass that in as the single parameter. If you need more control the run parameters in the session.xml file can be easily modified on-the-fly. For example, if you wished to update several databases to the latest code level in an overnight batch run you can start out with a standard session.xml file and perform a string replacement on the <targetserver> tag in the file before each execution of the Change Manager.




Using the Application Programming Interface

The script below is an example of how the DB Ghost Change Manager API can be used to ensure total control over the processing options. Using the API it becomes easy to implement:

  • Multiple database builds
  • Deployments to hundreds of servers
  • Audits of live databases against source controlled baselines
  • Easy replication of data and schema to remote servers

Some customer have even used DB Ghost to automatically "back up" their remotely hosted databases locally every night.