DB Ghost Data Compare™

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DB Ghost Data Compare is used to compare and synchronize data between two databases. It examines source and target databases on a row-by-row and column-by-column basis to precisely identify data differences. These differences may be a single field in a table having a different value to hundreds of rows being missing - Data Compare will show you visually what the differences are and let you synchronize them whilst taking into account all foreign key dependencies.

Data Compare is delivered as a sub function of the Database Change Manager™ application which itself is contained within the single installer (DBGhost.msi)


  • Compares data to identify differences between tables in two databases
  • Allows data to be fully synchronized
  • Individual tables or all the tables in a database can be selected
  • Creates a perfect delta/difference script that requires no manual "tweaking" due to dependency issues
  • Command line or API execution for total process automation (requires Automation Toolkit™)


The Data Compare functionality is incorporated within the DB Ghost Change Manager™ application. The license for Data Compare enables the following options:

Select the target database:

Select the source database:

Select which tables to compare:

This page enables greater control over the compare process by enabling/disabling check for extra, missing or different rows in the target database. There is an option to include hand crafted scripts before and after the upgrade if necessary:

The final options page is where the report file is specified and the choice of whether to capture the delta/difference script is made:

The options chosen in the wizard are re-presented for a final review before proceeding with the compare and synchronize:

The status is displayed during the comp and synch process:

This dialog shows the data rows that do not exist in the target database with the option to apply them:

This is the "data difference" dialog showing precisely what data is different between two tables. This table had 15,000+ rows but was compared in under 3 seconds:

Confirmation is given on completion of the compare and synchronization run: