DB Ghost Schema Compare™

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DB Ghost Schema Compare is used to compare and synchronize the structure of two databases. It examines source and target databases on an object-by-object basis to precisely identify all schema differences. These differences could be a single character change in a stored procedure or a multiple dependency table column change requiring a full rebuild of the table. Schema Compare will show you visually what the differences are and let you synchronize them whilst taking into account all object dependencies.

Schema Compare is delivered as a sub function of the Database Change Manager™ application which itself is contained within the single installer (DBGhost.msi)


  • Compares database schemas object-by-object
  • Allows schemas to be fully synchronized
  • Individual objects can be excluded from the comparison process
  • Creates a perfect delta/difference script that requires no manual "tweaking" due to dependency issues
  • Command line or API execution for total process automation (requires Automation Toolkit™)


The Schema Compare functionality is incorporated within the DB Ghost Change Manager™ application. The license for Schema Compare enables the following options:

Select the target database:

Select the source database:

Select what object types to compare:

This page enables greater control over the compare process by enabling/disabling check for extra, missing or different objects in the target database. There is an option to include hand crafted scripts before and after the upgrade if necessary:

The final options page is where the report file is specified and the choice of whether to capture the delta/difference script is made:

The options chosen in the wizard are re-presented for a final review before proceeding with the compare and synchronize:

Full progress is given during the compare and synchronize process:

Confirmation is given on completion of the compare and synchronization run: