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Makes deploying your database changes easy

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Packager Plus is a groundbreaking product that lets you package your source database (schema AND lookup data) along with the DB Ghost compare-and-synchronization DLL into a single executable file. What you then have is a single installer that can update any previous version of your database to the latest seamlessly. The power of this approach is that all variances in the target schema and data are handled dynamically by the installer thus ensuring that differing target schemas and data are all perfectly synchronized to the latest source.

Packager Plus Features

  • Creates a single executable that can upgrade ANY database to the latest source
  • No coding required (data migrations etc. where semantic knowledge is needed can be implemented in custom scripts)
  • Works from an existing database or a set of object scripts in the filesystem (or under source control)
  • Can create a day one database from the same installer exe
  • SessionSave facility lets you save your wizard answers for later reuse
  • Easy to integrate with your overall product installer


  • One click installation at customer site
  • Can upgrade a target schema and data dynamically at install time rather than simply running a static delta script
  • Can account for any variations in the target schema and data and bring it back to an exact match of the source schema contained within the install package. No more, no less
  • Can take a schema from version 1 to the latest version using one, all encompassing installer


After starting the Packager Plus application you choose the "Start a new DB Ghost Packager Plus project" option:

Here the option to build from a set of source DROP/CREATE scripts in the file system is chosen:

The directories containing the scripts are specified on this page:

A template database is required for the database level properties (filegroup, collation etc.):

The scripts are used to build a script that creates the source database:

Finally the name and location of the new installer can be chosen as well as compression and silent install credentials:

The installer that is created, when run, shows the following UI:

Finally, this is the successfully completed upgrade of the target database: