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What is DB Ghost?

DB Ghost is a world-first change management tool for SQL Server to guarantee the precise deployment and rollout of your database development projects in a completely automated and controlled manner.

How does DB Ghost achieve this?

You keep a set of object creation scripts and lookup data insert scripts up to date that, taken together, represent the latest desired schema. So, for example, to add a column to a table you simply modify the table create statement in the relevant script instead of creating an ALTER script.

These definitions are then used by DB Ghost to build a new database and thus verify the integrity of your database code. DB Ghost then uses this database to compare and synchronise your target database and generate a change script.

This is the DB Ghost Process.

Why use DB Ghost?

DB Ghost is typically used to replace inefficient and obsolete manual change management processes and provide version control for your databases. If you want 100% accurate change propagation, DB Ghost is the market leader, providing unsurpassed object dependency resolution and validation. DB Ghost can also help provide you with an audit trail of database changes.

When would you use DB Ghost?

Use DB Ghost when you want to implement continuous integration between your source code control system and the databases you wish to change. If your current process is error prone or you use a tool that doesn't quite deliver, then DB Ghost is the answer. DB Ghost can also be used when you need to ascertain differences or make your databases identical.

Where is DB Ghost used?

DB Ghost is ideal to control database change management in and between all environments from development to user acceptance and into production. In the development environment, DB Ghost can quickly detect code and build errors, sharply improving the quality of your release. Ideally, each developer or DBA would also run DB Ghost on their PC to continually test and verify changes as they occur. In this way, the problems with a shared testing database are avoided.

Who would use DB Ghost?

Almost anybody involved in database development projects. In addition to automating the build, comparison and synchronisation of databases as part of a formal change management process, DBAs and developers would use DB Ghost daily and consider it an essential part of their toolkit. Independent Software Vendors will also find DB Ghost invaluable to deploy changes to clients using DB Ghost distributable components.

DB Ghost will save your project time and money.

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